We have asked our staff to share any new or particularly enjoyable walks they have discovered, here are their thoughts…

Middlesbrough Team's Walk of the Month

Stainton Quarry

Whilst this may be a familiar place for many of our Middlesbrough locals, I found this hidden gem of a walk a couple of months after I started the job and thought that many people may not know about its existence. There is plenty of green space for dogs to run around, picnic benches, a river for a mid walk dip and many woodland footpaths to explore.

More information including a map of the area can be found at www.teesvalleylocalaccessforum.co.uk/40-tvlaf/middlesbrough-nature-reserves/105-stainton-quarry.html#!stainton_beck_bridge

Here are some photos of Buddy, Archie and Nancy (our regular Stainton customers) enjoying all the Quarry has to offer.